Welcome to your Sponsor Workshop

Welcome to the West Coast Partnership Sponsors Development programme course materials

We have two preparation videos to help with the event. We want to minimise us talking to increase the participation, so we would be very grateful if you would take a bit of time out to watch these to set the scene.

If you are already a super sponsor then you probably don't need to waste your time on this, but if you would appreciate an informal run through of the key points you will probably find some useful takeaways.

Video 1 - Sponsor Programme and Project Basics

This video provides a quick overview of key concepts that are important for setting the scene for your role as Sponsor:

Video 1 - WCP Sponsor Development Guide to Programme and Project Basics (~15 minutes)

Video 2 - "What's in it for you" and "Being a Sponsor"

This video takes a look at project management from the perspective of a senior manager taking on the role. This video contains:

Video 2 - WCP Sponsor Development Guide to Being a Sponsor (~10 minutes)

The Workshop

The workshops will be running throughout November, and will be focused on your day to day challenges. During the workshop we will be looking at the following topics from your perspective:

To help with the preparation, we have created two videos to help - these can be accessed at the top of this page

We will not be covering any of this material in the workshop and will be operating under the assumption that you have this foundation understanding

Preparing for the Workshop

As part of the Introductions at the workshop, we will be asking you to share a few lines of text on the day. Please prepare something brief to cover the following:

Or if you haven't been a Sponsor

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